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"You see, everybody always talk about Hitler exterminating 6 million Jews. . . . But don't nobody ever asked what did they do to Hitler? What did they do to them folks? They went in there, in Germany, the way they do everywhere they go, and they supplanted, they usurped, they turned around and a German, in his own country, would almost have to go to a Jew to get money. They had undermined the very fabric of the society."

Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993

"Tell us you lost 6 million. Historians, scholars, scientists, they went to some of the death camps. . . . It wasn't 6 million, it wasn't 5 million, it wasn't 4 million, it wasn't even 3 million. . . . Some of them say we'd be hard-pressed to get 1 1/2 million. Reports on the 6 million Jews murdered by the Nazis were bloated, exaggerated, probably fabricated."

Brooklyn, NY, March 29, 1994

"There is a little bit of Hitler in all white people."

NBC's "Donahue," May 12, 1994

"The nerve of them to get angry with him [O.J. Simpson attorney Johnnie L. Cochran Jr.] because he paralleled Mark Fuhrman with Adolf Hitler. Look at it, so-called Jew. Look at it, imposter Jew. Somebody must call you what you are. Somebody must look you in your cold lying blue eyes and pull the cover off of you today. I don't give a damn about you and I will give you hell from the cradle to the grave."

Black Holocaust Nationhood Conference, October 15, 1995

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