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"Who are the slumlords in the Black community? The so-called Jews. . . . Who is it sucking our blood in the Black community? A white imposter Arab and a white imposter Jew."

Kean College, NJ, November 29, 1993

"I say you call yourself Goldstein, Silverstein and Rubinstein because you [sic] stealing all the gold and silver and rubies all over the earth. . . we call it jewelry but it's really Jew-elry, Jew-elry because of your deiving [sic] and stealing and rogueing [sic] and lying all over the face of the planet earth."

Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994

"I called them [Jews] bloodsuckers. I'm not going to change that. Our lessons talk about the bloodsuckers of the poor in the supreme wisdom of the Nation of Islam. It's that old no-good Jew, that old imposter Jew, that old hooked-nose, bagel-eating, lox-eating, Johnny-come-lately perpetrating a fraud, just crawled out of the caves and hills of Europe, so-called damn Jew. . . and I feel everything I'm saying up here is kosher."

Baltimore, MD, February 19, 1994

"The practice of those freakish Rabbis [circumcision] is that they place their lips on the penis of these young boys and after they have cut the foreskin back, suck the blood from the head of the penis of their own young boys. . . ."

San Francisco State University, May 21, 1997

"Well, I can't be an anti-Semite, in the sense that they say, because they're not the Semites. But let's leave that to the side, whatever the hell they say they are, I'm anti- [sic]. If you say you're a Semite -- even though I know goddamn well you're not a Semite, if you just say you're one -- I'm against you. If you say you're white, goddammit I'm against you. If you're a Jew, I'm against you. Whatever the hell you want to call yourself, I'm against you. Whatever the hell you want to call yourself."

XXL (Volume 1, #1), September 1997

"We came in peace, we came in unity, we came in love, they changed all of the rules, and stop asking me about the Jews being the bloodsuckers of the Black nation, the no-good bastards. They are the bloodsuckers of the Black community. How many say they are the bloodsuckers of the Black community?"

Million Youth March, Harlem, NY, September 5, 1998

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