The "Kosher Tax" Hoax:
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Bigotry Over a Beer Label

With the recent announcement that the Adolph Coors Brewing Co. will carry the "kosher certification" symbol on its beer, Hans Schmidt, founder of the California-based German-American National Political Action Committee (GANPAC) took it upon himself to write a protest letter to Peter Coors, President of the company.

Schmidt, who was a member of the Hitler Youth and claims to have served in the Waffen-SS during World War II, has been a leading proponent of Holocaust "revisionism" in the United States for many years. Following along the lines of many other anti-Semites, Schmidt promotes the myth of "Jewish control" of banks, the media, and the government.

In his letter to Peter Coors, Schmidt asserted that "as someone of German descent you ought to be ashamed to acquiesce to this scheme. You must know that the Jews in the aggregate use a lot of the finances thus gathered to spy on non-Jews (ADL!), to terrorize others (JDL), to ruin other people's businesses (numerous Jewish organizations and individuals), and to promote their political power to the point where this Country has been subservient to the needs of another nation (Israel)."

Schmidt also repeated the usual false chaises regarding kosher symbols, including that "there usually are great costs and efforts connected with the kosher certification and that rabbis will make upwards of $450,000 from Coors." In a post-script Schmidt made the suggestion that Coors add the following symbols to its label: "a symbolic fish for Protestants," "a Christian Cross for Catholics," and "a Swastika for Nordics/Odinists."

Some extremists call for a boycott of foods and companies that succumb to the "kosher conspiracy." For example, in an April 25, 1990 newsletter published by the Populist Party, a far-right political group, chairperson Monica Rorhig states: "God knows we are taxed enough already without volunteering to tithe to a foreign country and a foreign philosophy. It's a kick to walk out of a grocery store knowing you have successfully evaded this illegal tax." Ms. Rorhig explains that through such means as this alleged tax, "we (as a nation) are being carefully herded closer and closer to International totalitarian tyranny." Pamphlets, in groups of
5-100, are offered through this newsletter for Populist Party members to circulate and spread the warning against this "unfair taxing."

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This report was originally issued in January 1991

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