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‘Protocols’ Appear in Plot As Egyptian TV Series Continues RULE

As promised by producers of the Egyptian television series Horseman Without A Horse, the virulently anti-Semitic forgery "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,"

The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion: Hoax of Hate

Plot Summary: "Horseman Without A Horse"
a hate document that has been used through the last century as an excuse to scapegoat and persecute Jews, emerged as a major plot development. The 41-part series appeared on Egypt state television and other stations across the Middle East during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. Scene from Egyptian TV

The Anti-Defamation League has condemned the series as contributing to the spread of anti-Semitic incitement throughout the region and has strongly criticized the Egyptian government for permitting its official state-controlled media to incite and justify hatred.

In one episode, three stereotypical Jews with long gray beards and large black skullcaps are shown sitting in a room filled with religious symbols, including two Jewish candelabra. The elderly men are shown whispering about “the book,” and expressing concerns that the “Protocols” may reach Egypt from Russia, where there are numerous copies.

In the scene, the Jewish characters express concern that a woman named Margaret has a copy of the book and is about to reach Egypt. The scene reinforces the anti-Semitic notion of the “Protocols” as a document that was created by Jews in a plot to control the world.

The scene includes the following exchange of dialogue, where the characters discuss how to conceal “the truth” that the “Protocols” was written by Jews (bolded sections):

Ovad: “Our group in Russia confirmed that all of the copies of the book “The Protocols of Elders of Zion” have been taken from the market.”
Yitzhak: There is another edition of the book , Binyamin, from 1905, last year. In two days all the copies disappeared from the market. It is a false version.”
Ovad: What about them? What can we do about that one book?”
Yitzhak: “The British know what the contents of the book are, but if the Egyptians find out there will be more trouble than there was in Russia. It can publicly expose our plans.”
Binyamin: “Our group can spread rumors throughout Egypt that the book is a forgery.”
Yitzhak: “Our problem is that someone will read the book and fit the contents to what we are trying to accomplish, and will believe in [its truth] thoroughly”
Ovad: “What shall we do?”
Yitzhak: “Go to Margaret, exploit her interests to our benefit. Maybe she will suffice with having read [the book] and you can take it from her. If she denies or refuses, she will be exposing herself to big trouble that is beyond her capacity.”

Source: Palestinian Media Watch Bulletin

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