Anti-Semitism in the Syrian Media

Jews as Nazis
Jews as Enemies of Arabs
Zionist Control of the U.S. Government
Monica Lewinsky Affair, a Jewish "Plot"
Holocaust as "Myth"

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Holocaust as "Myth"
  • "The campaign of Jewish blackmail began in Switzerland and later extended to Germany, Romania and other Western countries. This raises many legitimate doubts concerning everything connected with the myth of the Nazi ovens used for the destruction of the Jews. Many authors and researchers around the world have concluded that all the stories about this matter were exaggerated and fabricated, since many Jewish officers served in the Nazi command, among whom several were close to Hitler. It is therefore impossible that any nation in the world would be compelled to pay reparations to fictitious victims for dubious tragedies..."
    - November 7, 1998 ­ Damascus Radio









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