Anti-Semitism in the Syrian Media

Jews as Nazis
Jews as Enemies of Arabs
Zionist Control of the U.S. Government
Monica Lewinsky Affair, a Jewish "Plot"
Holocaust as "Myth"

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Monica Lewinsky Affair, a Jewish "Plot"
  • "The Netanyahu government has become convinced that the U.S. administration is unable to carry out any pressing role due to the Monica-gate scandal which began to shake the very foundations of the oval office. This scandal is undoubtedly the making of the Jewish lobby in the U.S. and it is run politically by the Zionists allied to the Likud-led government in Tel Aviv."
    - September 14, 1998 ­ Syria Times (English language)

    Syrian Daily Al-Thawra, September 4, 1998
    Syrian Daily Al-Thawra, September 4, 1998

  • "This is not unusual for the Jews who have connections with the Zionists. Their history is full of devising conspiracies, even against the countries in which they live, whose citizenship they bear and whose benefits they enjoy. U.S. President Clinton is acquainted with the example of the destructive role played by the Jewish lobby in the U.S. Anyone interested in documents from World War I can learn about the role German Jews played in organizing conspiracies to undermine Germany, harm its economy and weaken its capabilities, which deteriorated to the extent that it led to its defeat. Whoever studies these documents can also understand why the hatred of Jews consequently increased so severely."
    - September 2, 1998 ­ Damascus Radio

  • "Monica is a Jewess, the lawyers who volunteered to defend her were Jews, Monica's friends who recorded the hot phone conversations between her and President Clinton were Jewesses and the 'Washington Post' newspaper which published the affair for the first time is a Jewish newspaper. Is it mere chance that Lewinsky kept the blue dress with the stain for almost two years and presented it as evidence of the connection with the President? The scheme was planned carefully from the beginning until the present. Her goal was to embarrass President Clinton, to blackmail him and weaken his status before Netanyahu's government."
    - August 24, 1998 ­ Tishrin Al-Usbu'a

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