Travels with Tyrants: Minister Louis Farrakhan's 1996 Anti-American World Tour

Defending a Terrorist Regime

On February 8, during a five-hour visit to Khartoum, the Sudan, Farrakhan met with Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir and Hassan al-Turabi, leader of Sudan's ruling party. He told them, according to the government-owned news service Al-Hadith, that Muslims in America stand behind Sudanese Muslims, whom "the Western enemy wants to eliminate," and assured them that "More than 40 million American Muslims stand with Sudan against the unjust plots that it is subjected to." Minister Farrakhan also said that the "Western campaign" against the Sudan would ultimately fail.

Under Turabi's influence, the Sudan has become a launch pad for Islamic extremist terrorism. Funded by Iran, the Sudan has provided safe haven for accused terrorists, training at camps staffed by Iranian Red Guard Corps instructors, while waging a bloody civil war against Christians and animists in the country's south. According to a story in The Economist, the fundamentalist regime has a "ubiquitous secret police, no free press and no independent judiciary ... . A Truth Authentication Department helps keep watch on any challenge to political, social or religious orthodoxy." In addition, reports conducted for the United Nations, the State Department, and private human rights organizations have asserted that Muslims from Sudan's northern region regions regularly enslave Sudanese blacks; some women and children have been sold in slave markets for as little as $15.

Ignoring Slavery
Following Farrakhan's visit to the Sudan, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page criticized the NOI leader for his flirtation with the country's leaders and noted that Farrakhan has ignored reports of black enslavement. "Farrakhan typically turns a blind eye to reports of slavery in Africa, even when they're thrust in his face. Sudan's president rebuffs the charges and the Nation of Islam helps." Though Farrakhan has been silent on the issue, his International Minister, Abdul Akbar Muhammad, has defended Sudan's leaders, and has characterized reports of slavery as components of a "Jewish conspiracy" to divide the Muslim world.
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