Travels with Tyrants: Minister Louis Farrakhan's 1996 Anti-American World Tour   Introduction

In January 1996, Louis Farrakhan announced that he was taking the message of the Million Man March on the road in a `World Friendship Tour" of African and Middle Eastern states. In reality, however, he was embarking on a whirlwind tour of some of the world's bloodiest, most antidemocratic nations and lavishing praise on their terrorist-supporting leaders.

This report discusses the most troubling statements Farrakhan and his delegation made along its 1996 "World Friendship Tour." In the course of his 27 day trip, Farrakhan visited five countries described by the United States government as sponsors of terrorism: Libya, Iran, Iraq, Sudan and Syria. He repeatedly denounced the American government, calling it (while in Iran) "the Great Satan."

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World Friendship Tour

Louis Farrakhan kicked off his 27-day tour of Africa and the Middle East on January 17, 1996, in Accra, Ghana, along with a delegation of about 30 individuals, including Chicago Rev. Al Sampson, former Gary, IN, Mayor Thomas Barnes, Sarah Moten of the National Council of Negro Women, and former Illinois Congressman Gus Savage. Ghana has served as NOI's African base in recent years: in 1991, the group established its international headquarters in Accra, under the direction of NO1 International Minister Abdul Akbar Muhammad, and in October 1994, the city played host to NOI's semi-annual Saviour's Day Convention.

In a meeting with Ghanaian President Jerry John Rawlings, a long-time ally, Farrakhan said he hoped to keep the momentum of the Million Man March alive along his 23-country tour. "We hope to leverage the power of our unity against foreign policies that we feel aren't in the best interest of Africa and Third World countries," Farrakhan announced.

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