Computer Millionaires Fund Hate:
Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger
Origins of their Wealth
Moving to Live Among
"Adamic White Aryans"
The Ideology of Hate
Aiding Aryan Nations
Jews & The ADL:"Who are
the Real Hate Mongers"
Approaching Armageddon
Satan's Jews
Going Online

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Apocalyptic Armageddon

In October, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger sent out another mass mailing, an 18-page booklet titled The Seven Year Tribulation of Daniel and Revelation, and a 4-foot-long "future timeline" predicting America's destruction, to roughly 5,000 residents of Sandpoint and Sagel, Idaho. Drawing on Biblical passages from the books of Daniel and Revelation, this material provides greater detail about the future events described on the Seedline poster, from World War III through "Armageddon."

Story and Bertollini foresee that the "AntiChrist" will be "Resurrected" by a "False Prophet" through the power of "Satan" to build a "One World Government (Order) Through [the] United Nations." This reference to a sinister "One World Government" overseen by the United Nations suggests that the anti-government "Patriot" movement has had some effect on the duo's thinking.

Three years before "Armageddon" the 11th Hour Remnant predicts that New York City, which they see as the "Babylon" described in the Bible, will be destroyed, spelling the end of the "One World System/U.N." created by the "AntiChrist." After New York goes up in flames, Story and Bertollini believe that America, "Mystery Babylon," will be "Nuked" and will burn "Forever and Ever." In their eyes, America, dominated by "Satan's Jews," has become "the great whore" described in Revelation 19.

Satan's Jews

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