Computer Millionaires Fund Hate:
Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger
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"Adamic White Aryans"
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Satan's Jews
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Satan's Jews!

In December 1999, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger distributed its most anti-Semitic work yet, an article titled The Wannabe's That Want To Be and Shall Never Be: -- SATAN'S JEWS! --. This piece repeats the group's earlier hateful rhetoric against Jews. In addition, insisting that a devious Jewish conspiracy is behind nearly everything they despise in mainstream American society, Story and Bertollini here echo The International Jew, a widely distributed anti-Semitic screed published in the 1920s by auto magnate Henry Ford. The 11th Hour Remnant's list of "Satanic Jews Areas of Control," which includes items such as "Hollywood Movie Production," "Newspapers," "Congress" and "Churches," further reiterate Ford's claims.2

The pamphlet also contains a chart titled "Satan's Chain of Command," which outlines how Story and Bertollini believe the Jewish conspiracy works: various Human Rights Task Forces report to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which reports to ADL, which reports in turn to B'nai B'rith, which answers to the "United Nations (Jewish Controlled)." Again consistent with "Patriot" movement theories, Story and Bertollini assert that the United States Government also reports to the United Nations and claim that the U.N. is itself overseen by the "New World Order." Parting company with "Patriot" beliefs, Story and Bertollini then declare that the "New World Order" reports to "Satan's One World Order, Jewry ­­ Communism, Enslavement of Planet Earth." Atop this structure is Satan himself with his inner circle, the "Jewish Kehilla."

How have the Jews gained control of God's earth? Interestingly, Story and Bertollini place responsibility with the "Adamic White Aryan peoples," who "were given stewardship and dominion over all" and "have failed, many times over to perform the duties required under this commandment." The "White Aryan peoples" are "under judgment" for their "disobedience." "This is why Satan's JEWS control the United States, the Western World societies and planet earth for a short season."

Story and Bertollini claim to have distributed Satan's Jews to various officials of the Federal, state and local governments, "militia groups," various churches worldwide, editors of major newspapers, and 30,000 other individuals "throughout the Adamic White Aryan Nations of the World." According to postal records, the 11th Hour Remnant did in fact mail more than 25,000 copies of the pamphlet and at least one governor has confirmed receiving it. Concluding the list of groups and people to whom the pamphlet was sent is "the Internet," which Story and Bertollini insist will take their message "all over the world."

Going Online

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