Computer Millionaires Fund Hate:
Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger

Carl Story, Vincent Bertollini and the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger

Carl E. Story and Richard Vincent Bertollini, have chosen a different path ­­ they use their wealth to promote hate. Home computers and Internet access, two products of the past decade's revolution in information technology, benefit white supremacists as well as the rest of society. As ADL has repeatedly reported, bigots are using the Internet to communicate with each other, raise funds, and fish for converts among the hundreds of millions of computer users now online.

This explosion of technology has also profited the hate movement indirectly. The boom of the 1990s made a number of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs fabulously rich. Many of these individuals have spent princely sums on luxury items and contributed vast amounts of cash to charities. But two of their number, Carl E. Story and Richard Vincent Bertollini, have chosen a different path ­­ they use their wealth to promote hate.

In 1995, Story and Bertollini moved from Silicon Valley to Idaho, where they began devoting significant time and money to their "Christian Identity" ministry, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger. Like other Identity adherents, Story and Bertollini believe that white Anglo-Saxons are the chosen people described in the Bible, that Jews are the product of a sexual union between Eve and Satan, and that non-whites are soulless subhumans. Ironically, while many extremists are increasingly using the Internet to spread their propaganda, Story and Bertollini are spending millions of dollars they made in the computer industry on low-tech mailings of Identity pamphlets, posters and videotapes.

Origins of thier Wealth

Bigots are sometimes assumed to be unaccomplished, financially frustrated individuals who blame their career difficulties on minorities. Yet National Alliance leader William Pierce is a former physics professor, and Aryan Nations head Richard Butler once was a successful aerospace engineer. Carl Story is similarly accomplished. Before moving to Idaho, he established or helped start three profitable computer firms and earned a fortune by selling his share of them.

In the mid-1970s, Story and business partner Gerald M. Starek operated I.I. Industries, a computer chip processing company. After selling I.I. Industries, Story, Starek and others founded the Silicon Valley Group (SVG) in 1977. Story and Starek were convicted in 1979 for shipping computer chip manufacturing equipment to the U.S.S.R. This equipment allegedly was used to improve Soviet missile-guidance systems. Story pled guilty, paid a fine and was sentenced to three years probation.

In the mid-1980s, Story parted ways with SVG, taking home an enormous profit. Today, SVG is one of the nation's leading companies producing computer chip manufacturing equipment, a publicly traded firm with total assets exceeding $700 million. Story's hateful beliefs have been thoroughly disavowed by SVG's present management.

In the 1980s and early 1990s, Story was a fundamentalist Christian, not yet an Identity believer. During those years, he donated millions of dollars to a prominent evangelist and to the nondenominational, racially diverse Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, California, where Bertollini was also a member. At some point thereafter, according to publicly reported accounts from acquaintances, Story adopted his hard-core racist and anti-Semitic beliefs. In 1994, he stopped attending church at the Jubilee.

After severing ties with SVG, Story started Systems Chemistry, where his longtime friend Bertollini became head of operations. In 1990, while at that company, they established the 11th Hour Remnant. A developer of chemical handling equipment for the computer chip industry, Systems Chemistry was sold at a profit to SubMicron Systems in 1995. After the sale, Story and Bertollini left Silicon Valley.

Moving to North Idaho to Live Among "Adamic White Aryans"

In the fall of 1995, following six months of travel, the duo settled in Sandpoint, Idaho. "We crossed the bridge into Sandpoint and said, 'Voila, this is it!'" Bertollini told a reporter from the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

Why did Story and Bertollini choose Sandpoint? "North Idaho was selected for its clean air, beautiful scenery, quiet life style, recreation, lack of crowds, low cost of living, low violent crime," they write, "but above all, more than 98 percent of North Idaho's population is of the Adamic White Aryan people."With a population shy of 6,000, Sandpoint rests at the tip of the Idaho panhandle, just south of the Canadian border. Agriculture, the arts, timber and tourism flourish there. Sandpoint is also in an area that many white supremacists have hoped would become an "Aryan" homeland.

Extremists associated with the Aryan Nations paramilitary Identity group are particularly fond of this scenario. Sandpoint is roughly 40 miles from the Aryan Nations compound in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The late Robert Miles, once the Midwest coordinator for that group, urged white supremacists to move to the Pacific Northwest to form a whites-only nation in the states of Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Oregon. In 1989, Miles sold his Michigan farm and moved to Oregon. The leader of Aryan Nations, Richard G. Butler, moved from Southern California to Northern Idaho in 1973 and has encouraged whites to build a "national racist state" in the region. Many violent extremist criminals have affiliated themselves with Aryan Nations, including Buford Furrow, who attacked a Jewish daycare center in Los Angeles in the summer of 1999, and members of the murderous white supremacist terrorist gang, The Order.

The Identity group America's Promise Ministries, led by Dave Barley, is located in Sandpoint. In 1996, three of Barley's supremacist congregants went on a terror spree in nearby Washington State, bombing a newspaper plant and a Planned Parenthood clinic and twice robbing the same bank. Each was convicted on eight counts of robbery and bomb making.

During their first few years in Sandpoint, Story and Bertollini did not draw public attention to their beliefs, though they reportedly were known around town for riding motorcycles and leaving big tips at restaurants. In December 1996, Joyce Riley, a regular lecturer at the numerous Preparedness Expos that cater to anti-government "patriots," gave two lectures in Sandpoint promoted by America's Promise Ministries. Her speeches were described at length in two major extremist publications, The Jubilee and The Spotlight. Bertollini later admitted that he and Story bankrolled the Riley presentations, but did so covertly. It was not until two years later that they stepped into the public spotlight.

The Ideology of Hate:

In September 1998, envelopes from the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger were mailed to approximately 9,000 Idaho addresses. These envelopes contained an introductory letter, an anti-Semitic booklet and a poster explaining the group's Identity beliefs.

Measuring 6 feet by 3 feet, the full-color Identity poster, titled The Adamic Race: Adam's Pure Blood Seedline, is one of the most professional pieces of white supremacist propaganda in recent memory. Bertollini has said that the posters cost $9.45 each to print, fold and mail. The poster traces the activities of "Adam's Pure Blood Seedline" (the descendants of God, from Adam through Jesus to the "Aryan" people) and "Satan's Chosen People" (the descendants of Satan, from Cain through Esau to "Jewry") over the course of more than 6,000 years. Alongside the illustrated chart is the text of Bible passages Story and Bertollini use to support their claims.

According to the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, "blacks, orientals, and other races," unlike "Aryans," do not have souls. These "Pre-Adamic" people intermarried with the Jews, producing "a mongrel, hybrid, a non-race." Meanwhile, most of the "Aryan" people, who Story and Bertollini believe are "God's Chosen People" as described in the Bible, migrated from the Middle East to "Central and Western Europe" and finally to America.

Story and Bertollini believe that America has become a "dictatorship," enslaved to "Jewish Communism." They predict that there will be a third World War, followed by the migration of the "White race" from America to Israel. Eventually, "The War of All Wars!" between the "White" race and the Jewish, Satanic "non-race" will lead to "Armageddon," or World War IV, resulting in the victory of the "White" race and the unending reign of Jesus Christ over his "White" people.

The booklet accompanying the poster, titled The Hidden Tyranny: The Issue That Dwarfs All Other Issues (or The Rosenthal Document), is a popular item among anti-Semites. The booklet is listed in the book catalogs at the Aryan Nations and Weisman Publications Web sites, and the text of the document can be found at the site for Bible Believers, an Australian Identity ministry.

For Story and Bertollini, The Hidden Tyranny proves, using a Jew's "own words," that the Jews are exactly as the Seedline poster describes them: the people of Satan, who are out to dominate God's people, the Christians. First published by the late anti-Semite Walter White Jr., The Hidden Tyranny resembles The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in that it is a fabricated document, masquerading as fact, which claims special knowledge of a Jewish plot to control the world. Though White alleged that the booklet contains his interview with Harold Rosenthal, a 29-year-old, Jewish administrative assistant to the U.S. Senator Jacob Javits, the contents of The Hidden Tyranny are actually a product of White's imagination. White failed to explain why he would wait to first publish the booklet until 1978, years after he had "spoken" with Rosenthal, who was killed by terrorists in 1976.

Aiding Aryan Nations

In July 1998, the Hidden Tyranny booklet and the Seedline poster were handed out by Aryan Nations' supporters during the group's parade in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In October of that year, Story and Bertollini funded a second major mailing to around 3,000 northern Idaho residents, which included The Hidden Tyranny and Richard Butler: My Side of the Story, a videotape featuring the leader of Aryan Nations.

The 45-minute videotape opens with the American flag superimposed on a series of photos, including shots of American eagles, the Lincoln Memorial and a Little League baseball game. In the background, Kate Smith sings "God Bless America." This patriotic montage fades into a guided tour of the Aryan Nations chapel, where the group's symbol is set in stained glass. Flags of Northern European nations, which Bertollini calls the "colonies" of the "Adamic Hebrew Israelite Christians," adorn the walls.

Most of the tape consists of an interview with Butler conducted by Bertollini, who explains that its purpose is to "dispel once and for all the myths and hysteria" associated with Aryan Nations in the public mind. He points out to Butler that more than 98 percent of Northern Idahoans are "Aryan" and that most of them "don't know who they are." Bertollini evidently hopes the video will convince those who receive it to embrace Identity.

Butler explains to Bertollini how, while he was serving overseas during the Second World War, an Indian servant's comments about the caste system planted the seeds of racism in his mind. Butler claims the war was the result of a Jewish plot to destroy whites and the Jews' "masterstroke" was "getting the Japs to attack Pearl Harbor." He bemoans what he sees as the results of the war -- desegregation and increased immigration -- and praises Hitler as a man who "publicly proclaimed his fight for the white race." Butler describes the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as a manipulator of law enforcement and views the United States Army as "creating an empire for the anti-Christ, the Jews."

Butler and his staff leader, Michael Teague, appreciate the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger's financial assistance. "Before, we were just Nazis who were poor up on the hill," Teague told a reporter from the Los Angeles Times. "We've been operating on a shoestring for so long that it was nice to get to do something the other side gets to do all the time," Butler commented. "Don't forget, the Jews control the newspapers, they control the radio, they control the TV."

"They do an excellent job; they spread the word of God," Butler said of Story and Bertollini to a reporter from the San Jose Mercury News. "And they have made a scroll that is a beautiful piece of work that took a lot of money."

Jews and The ADL: 'Who Are the Real Hate Mongers?'

In 1999, three mailings from the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger came to ADL's attention. A nine-page letter dated February 1999, the first of these mailings, asked, "Who are the real hate mongers?" The answer: Jews and those "backed by Jewish influence," who espouse "Separatist bashing and belittling the Aryan" to "deceive the vast majority of Adamic White Aryan people." According to the 11th Hour Remnant, this conspiracy of Jews and their supporters, led by ADL, uses terms such as "Bigotry" and "Racism" to "control and silence the opposition to their harmful and repugnant ways." These evil plotters supposedly use their "controlled media," their "controlled politics" and their "controlled financial power" to "assure that their agenda is carried out."

Story and Bertollini claim these malicious forces are trying "to stomp out all Truth about who we people are that live in North Idaho" and want to "mix the white race with other peoples by encouraging multiculturalism, immigration, and relocation of these other peoples to North Idaho." "The 11th Hour Remnant Messenger did not come to North Idaho to stir up controversy," they write. "The profound depth of controversy and confusion was here long before we came to North Idaho!"

In this letter, Story and Bertollini also describe the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger in detail: its affiliations, its policies and its goals. They emphasize that their group has "absolutely no connection with any other group or groups or organizations whatsoever," perhaps out of fear of being named in a large lawsuit against Aryan Nations filed the previous month.1 Story and Bertollini assert that they are not preaching in order to make money, stating that they "accept no contributions or donations" and "do not charge" for their work. They claim also not to want "followers." "We do not proselyte [sic] anyone to our cause," they write. "We merely want to make our kindred, the Adamic White Aryan race, aware of our Lord, Savior, Redeemer and our God."

Towards the end of the letter, the two claim

that their mission is finished, their next assignment is "unknown," and they are "goin' fishin'!" "We have completed the primary mission that we set out to accomplish," they write. "Our final mission was to reveal the truth about who are the real Chosen of God (The Remnant). Also, to warn the Chosen of God who are their real enemies (The Jew). This has now been accomplished!" Yet Story and Bertollini have continued their activities. Bertollini spoke on behalf of Aryan Nations at a public forum on June 18, 1999, at North Idaho College. Story was also in attendance. In addition, Bertollini attended the July 10, 1999, Aryan Nations parade in Coeur d'Alene, where he reportedly called Butler "the only man standing up for the white race in America that I know of, and doing it in a reasonable way."

Approaching Armageddon

In October, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger sent out another mass mailing, an 18-page booklet titled The Seven Year Tribulation of Daniel and Revelation, and a 4-foot-long "future timeline" predicting America's destruction, to roughly 5,000 residents of Sandpoint and Sagel, Idaho. Drawing on Biblical passages from the books of Daniel and Revelation, this material provides greater detail about the future events described on the Seedline poster, from World War III through "Armageddon."

Story and Bertollini foresee that the "AntiChrist" will be "Resurrected" by a "False Prophet" through the power of "Satan" to build a "One World Government (Order) Through [the] United Nations." This reference to a sinister "One World Government" overseen by the United Nations suggests that the anti-government "Patriot" movement has had some effect on the duo's thinking.

Three years before "Armageddon" the 11th Hour Remnant predicts that New York City, which they see as the "Babylon" described in the Bible, will be destroyed, spelling the end of the "One World System/U.N." created by the "AntiChrist." After New York goes up in flames, Story and Bertollini believe that America, "Mystery Babylon," will be "Nuked" and will burn "Forever and Ever." In their eyes, America, dominated by "Satan's Jews," has become "the great whore" described in Revelation 19.

Satan's Jews!

In December 1999, the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger distributed its most anti-Semitic work yet, an article titled The Wannabe's That Want To Be and Shall Never Be: -- SATAN'S JEWS! --. This piece repeats the group's earlier hateful rhetoric against Jews. In addition, insisting that a devious Jewish conspiracy is behind nearly everything they despise in mainstream American society, Story and Bertollini here echo The International Jew, a widely distributed anti-Semitic screed published in the 1920s by auto magnate Henry Ford. The 11th Hour Remnant's list of "Satanic Jews Areas of Control," which includes items such as "Hollywood Movie Production," "Newspapers," "Congress" and "Churches," further reiterate Ford's claims.2

The pamphlet also contains a chart titled "Satan's Chain of Command," which outlines how Story and Bertollini believe the Jewish conspiracy works: various Human Rights Task Forces report to the Southern Poverty Law Center, which reports to ADL, which reports in turn to B'nai B'rith, which answers to the "United Nations (Jewish Controlled)." Again consistent with "Patriot" movement theories, Story and Bertollini assert that the United States Government also reports to the United Nations and claim that the U.N. is itself overseen by the "New World Order." Parting company with "Patriot" beliefs, Story and Bertollini then declare that the "New World Order" reports to "Satan's One World Order, Jewry ­­ Communism, Enslavement of Planet Earth." Atop this structure is Satan himself with his inner circle, the "Jewish Kehilla."

How have the Jews gained control of God's earth? Interestingly, Story and Bertollini place responsibility with the "Adamic White Aryan peoples," who "were given stewardship and dominion over all" and "have failed, many times over to perform the duties required under this commandment." The "White Aryan peoples" are "under judgment" for their "disobedience." "This is why Satan's JEWS control the United States, the Western World societies and planet earth for a short season."

Story and Bertollini claim to have distributed Satan's Jews to various officials of the Federal, state and local governments, "militia groups," various churches worldwide, editors of major newspapers, and 30,000 other individuals "throughout the Adamic White Aryan Nations of the World." According to postal records, the 11th Hour Remnant did in fact mail more than 25,000 copies of the pamphlet and at least one governor has confirmed receiving it. Concluding the list of groups and people to whom the pamphlet was sent is "the Internet," which Story and Bertollini insist will take their message "all over the world."

Going Online

It is not surprising that Story and Bertollini have created a Web site for their organization. What is more surprising, considering the duo's background in computers, is the fact that their site is so visually and technologically unimpressive. Composed of a single, lengthy page with one graphic, the 11th Hour site reprints the introductory letter from the group's first mailing, nearly the entire Who Are the Real Hate Mongers? letter and a short portion of the Seven Year Tribulation mailing. The two links on the page are to Bertollini's E-mail address, encouraging visitors to write to him with their mailing addresses for a free copy of the Seedline poster.

Bertollini has taken to sending messages electronically. He posted hateful comments to the Spokane Spokesman-Review Web site and forwarded a David Duke press release to numerous recipients via E-mail. In addition, he engaged in a heated discussion about his failed write-in candidacy for the mayoralty of Sandpoint on the electronic Bulletin Board at the Sandpoint Online Web site.

In a public statement posted on that Bulletin Board, Bertollini offered as qualifications his "30 years of High Technology Corporate Executive Management experience," his "unquestionable" fiscal policies and his fairness and honesty in business dealings. This experience might serve a mayor of Sandpoint well, but Bertollini's 16-point platform indicated that he intended to govern by his beliefs. Bertollini declared that, in his administration, "Christian prayer will be restored at all Public Meetings and daily in the Sandpoint School system." In addition, he promised that "Diversity and Multi-Culturalism will be challenged at every front as being wrong and not in the interests of the citizens of Sandpoint." Sandpoint Magazine writer Sandy Compton responded by speaking out against Bertollini and his platform at Sandpoint Online.

Bertollini received only 2 percent of the vote in the November 2, 1999, mayoral election. Replying to criticism from Compton and others, he wrote on the Bulletin Board, "All I really wanted to do was 'show up' to see if anyone was paying attention.... The voters spoke and I was not at all surprised. Everyone is on the wrong subject, as always. It's okay, though. My life doesn't change one iota whether anyone likes it or not. Like the energizer bunny, we just keep on ticking."


The Identity doctrine preached by Story and Bertollini exists mostly on society's periphery. Yet their pledge to spend considerable funds promoting Identity threatens to bring their propaganda before the eyes of mainstream audiences. It is likely that, with exposure to the nature and purposes of the 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, informed people will choose to reject Story's and Bertollini's hateful ­­ if well-funded ­­ beliefs.

2001 Anti-Defamation League