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ADL Letter to Foreign Ministers of
Member Nations of The United Nations

Julu 18, 2001

Dear Mr./Madame Minister

On behalf of the Anti-Defamation League we are writing to raise serious concerns which threaten to undermine the upcoming United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

It is tragic that some nations would seek to utilize a forum which should embrace tolerance to advance an agenda of hatred and misunderstanding. Language in the current Draft Declaration of the Conference targets Israelís legitimacy, minimizes the Holocaust, and promotes anti-Jewish, hateful canards such as "Zionism is racism."

We hold out hope that this conference can still embody a sense of unity in the fight against racism. It is in this spirit that we call on you to send your representatives to the upcoming PrepCom in Geneva with a clear mandate to assert that divisive language driven by hatred has no place in a conference against racism.

We urge your government to take steps to resist, denounce, and work vigorously against efforts which detract from the fight against bigotry. If this Conference is to be a celebration of human dignity and tolerance, responsible leaders must raise their voices to reject anti-Jewish, anti-Israel rhetoric.


Glen A. Tobias
National Chairman

Abraham H. Foxman
National Director

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